wooden toothpicks, medicinal, interdental, double-ended, interproximal dental spaces, interdental gingival, between teeth

paro micro-stick, box of 96 small interdental sicks

honed to a micro-thin form, which allows optimum contact with adjacent tooth surface, comfortable, even in the tightest spaces. former Eurodent No. PMS144

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paromicro-stick, ultra thin
Toothpicks are especially useful in removing trapped food particles, especially between teeth. With the appropriate usage, dental plque can also be removed. And interdental gingival tissues receive a gentle massage.
Thanks to its triangular cross section paro medicinal toothpicks are ideally, suited for cleaning light open interdental spaces.
Use: Break one stick of, moistening the toothpick in saliva before use, it will soften and be more flexible.

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